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we’ve come up with Daniel Dib with a simple but powerful idea: to share our network-related horror stories with wider community, and then learn from the mistakes.

so – please treat this post as an invitation to share your network-related horror story with us. make sure to double-check if you can post information that you share (because, you know, our employers have sometimes interesting ideas about NDAs and other ‘secrets’). also, let us know if we can share your name/employer information or if you’d rather stay anonymous. as hard as it can be – try to finish with the ‘things I learned’, so others can learn and don’t make those mistakes in future.

APPs force the Network Design, NOT the opposite

I came across a post of Ivan Pepelnjak about a madness of streched firewalls across DCI:

Ivan calls such an idea a stupidity and states:

“For those who still don’t get it: if you lose the communication between cluster members (which would happen after DCI link failure), the firewalls in one data center shut down and cut that data center off the net.”

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